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How to use t-shirts and still look girly?


Here´s a theme that frequently gets the girl´s minds in doubt. What are the best ways to wear a cute t-shirt when you´re a girl? I mean, maybe you like to wear a loose t-shirt with jeans and a converse. But maybe you´re just not 15 anymore but your love for cute comfort hasn´t gone away yet!

But rest easy now! Wether you´re 15, 25 or 45, the t-shirt is for you. You just have to get the way to use it, and that´s why I´m here today! Take my hand and let´s go!

Let´s start from the beginning. It´s fundamental to pay attention to the proportion of the t-shirt that you´ll buy. It makes so much difference on the overall look that I can´t even begin to tell you!

Make sure that:

  • The shoulder sewing is right on the shoulder line – it can´t fall off the arm line;
  • The sleeve must not be too large, or too long, like passing half arm;
  • The body of the t-shirt can´t be too large at all. If you take a men´s t-shirt, see if the width gets adjusted on the hips. If you choose a women´s t-shirt it´s easier because they´re normally adjusted to female bodies.

Sure, if you fall in love with a male t-shirt and it gets a little large, you can always customize it to your size!

Now that you already know what to look for when you buy your beloved tee, let´s get to the combinations!


Did you notice that all the combinations have something in common? Let´s see:

  • Proportions balanced: If the top is large, the bottom is adjusted. That way, you won´t look sloppy!
  • Acessories: Since the t-shirt is a basic piece, what makes the look awesome are the accessories that go with it, as well as the shoes, the bag, jewelry…basically everything must be well tought!
  • Female touch: A nice make up, hair up to date…these simple care actions also help to compose a powerful t-shirt look!

The first look has: Skinny Jeans + t-shirt + adjusted jeans vest. Tricks: colorful flats and lipstick, lots of bracelets.

The second look is: A shining fabric legging + t-shirt + boots. Tricks: Colorful scarf, bracelets.

The third look is a must: Long skirt + t-shirt used inside the skirt (you can leave the tee a little puffy on the waist, it´s a nice touch!) Tricks: nice flats, huge necklace, watch.

The fourth look has: Adjusted Shorts + t-shirt. Tricks: Cute flip flos, hair band, watch.